The spacious walk in closet of 5,8sqm allows one to keep the rest of the studio clutter free.

Balcony was attached to the apartment and insulated. It created aplace for a chill out zone and home office.

Living room, bedroom and kitchen are a single space.

Kitchen.The kitchen islandof black frosted glass with integrated bio fireplace, and full height wall storage cabinets containing all necessaryappliances.

Living room and Bedroomare divided by a TV cabinet. One of the client’s big wishes was to have a home cinema. The constraint was insufficient distance to the screen. Any screen larger than 32 inch would make viewing uncomfortable.Thus, the idea of a TV cabinet with a lifting and rotating mechanism was born. It will allow the client to watch TV from both bed or sofa. While the built in screen and a projectorgives the feeling of a home cinema.

The bed head of leather panels with integrated LEDs are exclusively designed by Nadia Kranghand. Sofa, chairand carpet are from BoConcept. The transformable coffee table REK designedby Belgian designer Reinierde Jong can be configured in several ways.

Both bar chairs and wall cabinets are also designed by Nadia Kranghand.

RGB LED Strips are built-in along the perimeter of the ceiling of the whole studio. It will allow the customer to create various lighting scenarios.


The bathroom is fenced off from the rest of the space by a smart glasspartition. When the light in the bathroom is off, the glass is transparent. When the light is on, the glass turns black. The client’s favourite photograph ofthe Shanghai skyline is printed on the mosaic tiles and placed in the bathroom. The spacious bathroom fits a rain shower, a bidet, a toilet and a custom made Corian wash basin. A large mirror from floor to ceiling visually doubles the sizethe bathroom.

The apartment colours are neutral with accents of orange, black and blue.The orange and black are repeated in the custom made furniture.