The clients’ wishes were: secluded patio with table for 8, chill out zone, plant pot and play area with soccer pitch and trampoline for children.

Obstacles. The L-shaped garden is less than 3 m in width, situated towards the North-East and is surrounded by trees that create a lot of shadow. The big tree in the garden could not be removed according to the compound’s regulations.

Designer’s Solution. A plastered wall was constructed over the length of the garden serving as a plant pot with Buxus balls and integrated lighting, back rest and BBQ/bar space. It is also shielding the patio from neighbours’ view and visually makes it wider.

The old wooden deck was reused to make a circular flower bed around the tree. Year round green palms in combination with one year flowers create a pallet of colours in a shadow rich garden. The red colour of the umbrella is a complimentary colour to all the greens of the garden. The turquoise colour of the chill out chair serves as an accent. The air condition unit is hidden bybamboo. Astroturf is used for the soccer pitch.

The outline of the garden and the flower bed is being lighted up at night withintegrated LEDs. The umbrella lights are powered by a solar panel top.