Photo credits: Tetiana Chebotar

Clients' wishes: The house was meant to be rented to a Western customer who I never met. This project is a combination of soft and hard design, which I find particularly interesting.

The Living room was given a complete makeover. Following the idea of bringing nature in, the shades of green, blue, brown and neutrals grey and white were chosen as the main colours. Striking blue and fuchsia were added as accents. The diptych painting breaks the long wall, yet on the other hand it unites the dining and living rooms.

The painting was custom made by a Chinese artist from 'Painters St' in Shanghai working from my sketches and explanations. Thus, the dining room is 'The Bund' and the Living room is 'Lujiazui'.

The Furniture - the house owner told me that I could dispose of the existing sofas and chairs, but in every project where it is possible to recycle and to reuse anything, I will do so. The sofas and the lounge chair with ottoman, as well as the dining chairs were re-upholstered. The large cupboard in the living room was repainted, and the old but attractive wooden chairs on the terrace were repainted, giving them a chic modern burnt wood finish. The wooden plant racks, which were piled up in the garden ready to be thrown away, were sanded, repainted white and reused. The Master bedroom with French doors opening out to a beautiful view of the park was given a softer look in white and off-white shades and became irresistibly charming. On both sides of the bed are the photos and “For Him” and “For Her”.

The garden was designed from scratch - the tall wall with electric wires looked dominating and oppressive. However, when I looked outside the window on the 3rd floor I could see the beautiful park, with evergreen trees, and nice walking paths. At that moment I knew I needed to bring the park into the garden and the house.