Clients' wishes were to create a modern loft style restaurant with eye catching elements and several dining areas including vip room and the bar as an eye-catcher. Increase seats from 110 to maximum possible.

ALTERLOFT is an alternative to a traditional loft style.

  • Space is divided in four different dining rooms, including VIP room
  • Seats number is increased from 110 to 144 persons
  • Interactive Water Light Graffiti is built in at the Reception area
  • Custom made hanging sofa’s
  • Custom made bar with interactive countertop became the eye-catcher
  • Custom made chairs and waiters' stations are from old fishermen’s' boat wood
  • Custom made lighting from wine bottles
  • Alternative perspective wall paper print in VIP room
  • OLED interactive mirrors and standing sinks from 100% recyclable Polypropylene in restrooms
  • Energy saving lighting is used
  • Usage of recycled and reclaimed materials
  • Floor is made of crushed bricks, nails and roof tiles, bound with 30% of cement