The cafe is located in the Metro building of the newly built Metro station in Shanghai. The main concept of the café is coffee and bubble waffles, ice cream cream and oxygen cocktails on the go, as well as to create a cosy atmosphere and a seating area for the customers who would like to have a coffee break and catch up. 

The clients’ wishes were: Cosy café in contemporary style which sells; to fit all appliances and technical equipment of different size that was purchased by the customer beforehand.

Obstacles. Long (7.5 m) and narrow (less than 3 m) space. 

Designer’s Solution. A custom made floor-to ceiling timber construction from hardboard and wood panels with light wood veneer coating. It runs up from the floor to all three walls and the ceiling. The dark shades of the walls and the mirrors veil the real size of the room. The bright colours of the bubble waffle photo chosen by the client come back in the bright accents of the Mademoiselle chairs designed by Philippe Starck. The storage cupboard's doors  are used as a chalkboard menu. The built-in sofa also serves as an extra storage space. 

Using every mm of the space I managed to place the following equipment: an ice cream display freezer, a dessert display refrigerator, Lavazza coffee machine, a coffee grinder, a refrigerator with a freezer, storage facilities for raw materials, 3 waffles irons, 2 dough kneaders, an oxygen cocktails machine, a milkshakes mixer; a cash desk, WIFI router, speakers, and alarm. The bar zone seats 4 and, a sofa zone has 6 seats.