Design is my biggest passion. There is no better feeling for me than seeing the project succeeded, the customer is satisfied and the last photos are being taken! These are the happiest moments of my life

Nadia Kranghand

Nadia Kranghand is a Dutch “World citizen”, Moscow born, Leiden (the Netherlands) based interior designer of both residential and public spaces.

She studied Interior Design and Styling in the Netherlands, London, Shanghai and Moscow. Nadia graduated from both Moscow International Design School, (IIDA member) and London Rhodec Design School with distinction.

She lived and worked for the last seven years in Shanghai, where she has enriched her experience and expanded her horizon.

For her ongoing professional development Nadia attends international exhibitions, seminars, workshops. She travels regularly around the world to constantly seek for inspirations which can be incorporated into her future design projects.

Her inspirations are many and varied and include minimalism, contemporary, loft and light classic with a focus on sustainable design.

Diplomas & Sertificates