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AMSTERDAM SOUTH: Timeless Elegance Meets Contemporary Comfort

The Netherlands 2024
In the vibrant heart of Amsterdam Zuid, this stunning apartment welcomed its new owners with open arms. The apartment looks spacious for two. My challenge was to redesign the space to accommodate the family of four. The clients doubted about the future style of their interior. We decided to make a perfect blend of modern and classic, infused with an airy and light atmosphere. White hues would take center stage in this harmonious palette, turning every corner of the apartment into a haven of serenity.

AMSTERDAM SOUTH: Timeless Elegance Meets Contemporary Comfort, The Netherlands, 2024

My initial task was to reimagine the space to meet the needs of a family. Sufficient storage space became a priority, and the kitchen had to be not only ergonomic but also a focal point for cozy family moments. An imposing kitchen island became the beating heart of this space, where gourmet creations and cherished memories would intertwine.

Naturally, the desire for a 'gigantic' TV also found its place in the narrative. The living room was transformed into an entertainment paradise, where the latest blockbusters and family favorites would come to life on an impressive screen, while comfortable seating invited relaxed evenings.

A unique challenge was finding the perfect layout for the smallest room, designated for the eldest daughter. A bit of puzzle-solving and creativity were needed to create a cozy haven in this intimate space, allowing her personality to flourish. To accommodate a large TV, we sacrificed the fireplace portal. The second fireplace portal was lined with travertine.

The second door to the living room was removed to accommodate a spacious sofa. The window sill was also involved in the design. They made it into a cozy place to relax by the window and hid the unsightly radiator. I preserved the original plasterwork on the ceiling and incorporated two-tiered cove lighting around the entire perimeter. This lighting not only illuminates the room but also creates a cozy atmosphere, imparting a sense of lightness and enchantment to the interior. Wall sconces accentuate details and add an elegant touch. The chandelier above the dining table contributes to an airy and ethereal ambiance.

The apartment exudes tranquility, thanks to an abundance of light tones and textures dancing throughout the space. The combination of preserved ceiling details and strategically placed lighting elements enhances the overall aesthetic, making the interior feel both inviting and magical.

The result was a fusion of timeless styles, where modern and classic embraced each other. The apartment exuded a serene calmness, thanks to the abundance of white hues dancing through the space. The clients were delighted that all their wishes had come true, and the apartment was transformed into a dream home where each family member could leave their mark on this new, shared chapter of their lives.


3D Visualisation and Technical drawings

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